Privacy Policy

Consent to the Collection, Usage and Disclosure of Your Personal Data and Medical Information

 1. You consent to AcuMed collecting and using your personal data (including any CCTV recordings and audio/video recordings of tele-consultation sessions) and medical information (“Data”) necessary for the provision of our Services to you, including but not limited to, diagnosis, assessment, care, treatment, follow ups and continuity of medical care. Your Data may be shared with other medical professionals, clinic staff and/or other related personnel that are involved in any aspects of the Services provided to you.

2. You also consent to AcuMed disclosing your Data to any external relevant third parties for the corresponding stated purpose(s): i) Third party supporting vendors (eg. medical laboratory and etc.) that are providing necessary ancillary services for us to continue providing you with our Services; ii) your insurance provider if there is an insurance claim or where it is necessary for your insurance provider to make an assessment relating to your new or existing policy and they request for such Data; iii) your employer if your employer is paying a portion or all of your medical fees and requests for such Data; iv) any government authority (eg. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower and etc) who requests for such Data or to whom we are mandated by law to provide certain types of Data (eg. every diagnosis of a notifiable communicable disease such as HIV infection).

3, You consent to AcuMed contacting you by phone calls, SMS messages, data messages, emails or post to update you on your medical condition, test results or any changes to our details and/or to arrange for any appointment. Please let us know if you do not want to be contacted or want to limit how we contact you.

4. Your above consent shall be valid from the date you first use our Services until such time when retention of the Data is no longer necessary for AcuMed’s legal or business purposes.

5. You may request that any Data that we collect be withheld from any person, vendor or party, except to whom disclosure is required by law. Upon such request, we will explain the benefits that sharing the Data will bring to your medical care, but we will ultimately respect your wishes. We reserve the right to discontinue providing any Service to you if, in our professional judgement, the standards of our Service will be compromised by your request.

If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of your Data, or would like to access or correct your Data, or have any queries, please contact our Data Protection Officer at


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