Vaccination is crucial in disease prevention. Vaccines keep you healthy and are as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise. They also make you less vulnerable to illnesses.

acumed medical offers vaccination services

Vaccination for Adults

Click here to find out recommended vaccinations under the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) (from age 18 years onwards)

Vaccination for Infants and Children

a girl getting vaccinated acumed medical provides vaccination services
  • Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Acellular Pertussis (Paediatric) (DTaP)
  • Tetanus, Reduced Diphtheria and Acellular Pertussis (Tdap)
  • Polio (Oral and Inactivated)
  • Haemophilus influenzae Type B
  • Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV 10 or 13)
  • Pneumococcal polysaccharide (PPSV 23)
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Influenza

Click here to find out more about Vaccinations for Children under the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (NCIS) (from birth to age 17 years)

Claiming under Medisave?

You can pay for these vaccinations for your child or yourself using MediSave.  

Patients aged 60 years and above can also tap on to Flexi-MediSave.

To find out more about the types of vaccination required or the various payment schemes, email or call us today!


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