Subsidised health screening programme for Singaporeans – Screen for Life (SFL)

The subsidised health screening programme for Singapore Citizens. The best time to go for screening is when you still feel fine. 

Health Screenings allow you to detect symptoms of diseases such as chronic diseases at the earliest stage to maintain your health and well-being and prevent disabilities and illnesses later in life.

Get your health screened at $5 or less with SFL subsidies. Check your eligibility now!

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Screen for Life

Eligibility and Fees

With the SFL subsidy, Singapore Citizens pay $5 or less per screening visit.

This screening cost includes the cost of the recommended screening tests done within the same visit and the doctor’s consultation fee, as well as the first follow-up consultation fee for individuals who have been assessed to require one. Individuals who undergo screening test(s) on a separate visit will be charged a separate fixed fee.

Check your eligibility now!

Pioneer Gen Card

Pioneer Generation Cardholders


CHAS Merdeka Card

Merdeka Generation/CHAS (Orange or Blue) Cardholders


Eligible Singaporeans/CHAS Green Cardholders


Recommended Screenings

The recommended tests are beneficial as early detection of diseases leads to better management of health and health outcomes.


Screen for Life is a National Health Screening Programme by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) for eligible Singapore Citizens at a subsidised rate.

Find out which screening test(s) are recommended for you and the subsidised rates by logging in with your Singpass. Your eligibility depends on your age, gender, pre-existing conditions and your last health screening date.

Check your eligibility now!


For Singapore Permanent Residents, please give us a call at 6566 3311 or write in to

After checking your eligibility, kindly make an appointment here

Kindly fast for 8 hours (no food or drinks other than plain water). You may continue taking your chronic medications, except for diabetic medicines. 


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