Acute & Chronic Care

Acute Care

Acute illnesses occur suddenly, and symptoms are immediate. Protect your employees by utilising AcuMed comprehensive range of primary care services, available at all our Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) islandwide.

Our Designated Workplace Doctors are ready to take care of your organisation’s health and well-being, regardless of industry and size.

Avoid costly visits and reduce long waiting times at other medical facilities by having minor surgeries done at our clinics instead! In addition, our Corporate Services Team can help manage costs for basic procedures like removing foreign bodies and minor workplace injuries.

24-hour Emergency Hotline

Exclusively for our corporate clients, we are on standby to assist with any urgent medical issues outside our clinics’ operating hours. Our operator will assist you over the phone and conduct a basic assessment before guiding you on what to do next.

Speak to our friendly Corporate Services Team to find out more! 

Chronic Care

Productive and healthy employees help an organization grow and progress. Efficient management of available resources can help rein in cost for employers and employees alike.

AcuMed can provide on-site health screening services for our corporate clients with Chronic Diseases such as Hypertension (High blood pressure), Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia (Raised Cholesterol).

Customised health and wellness solutions can be discussed thereafter, at a time convenient for your employees.

Looking for customised Medical Examination packages?

Organising a health screening exercise for your company?

Speak to our friendly Corporate Services Team to find out more!

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