Audiometry (Hearing Test)

What is Audiometry / Audio Test for?

It is a basic hearing test that helps to measure the softest sound a person can hear in different sound frequencies. It serves as an evaluation of hearing to determine if any hearing loss is sustained. An audio test is part of MOM’s hearing conservation programme for employees who are exposed to excessive noise.

How is the test done?

An audiometrician will conduct the test with an audiometer and evaluate your hearing capacity. During the test, you will wear a headset and hear a range of sounds at different loudness intensities. After which, the audiometrician will conclude your hearing capacity. A hearing test is totally painless and it can be completed within 20 mins. Generally, a reading that is less than a threshold of 30 dB is recognized as normal.

Preparation needed

It is recommended to have at least 16 hours of noise-free period before the test.

FAQ for Audio Test

What is the difference between air conduction audiometry and bone conduction audiometry?

Ans: Air conduction audiometry is a basic test which let you listen to different beeps and whistles to determine the softest sound that you could hear. Bone conduction audiometry is a more detailed test that enable you to know exactly where the hearing problem lies in the ear.


AcuMed provides both in-house and on-site audiometric services to our corporate clients. The test is done by our team of trained audiometricians. Abnormal results would be review and reported by our qualified designated workplace doctors (DWDs).

Audiometric test are available in our following clinics: Bedok, Jurong Point, Joo Koon, Teban Garden, Taman Jurong, Tuas South, Tuas Amenity Centre.


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