Assurance Primary Care Network (PCN)

Dr Jacqueline Yam, Medical Director of AcuMed Medical Group, is the Clinical Lead of Assurance Primary Care Network. Together with our team of medical professionals in AcuMed and our partners in Assurance PCN, we strive to provide holistic team-based care for all of our patients. 

What is a Primary Care Network?

In an effort to provide patients with more holistic primary care, the Primary Care Network (PCN) scheme enables patients to be cared for under a multidisciplinary team, and have access to ancillary and support services. Under the scheme, General Practitioners (GPs) from private clinics form virtual networks to share resources and provide team-based chronic disease management in the community.

Dr Jacqueline Yam, Medical Director of AcuMed Medical Group, and PCN Leader for Assurance PCN, has the following to say about the initiative:

“With the formation of a PCN, resources such as Diabetic Retinal Photography, Foot Screening and Nurse Counselling can be shared. The provision of Nurse Counselling services and the close tracking of patients on the Disease Registry will achieve better patient compliance and improvement in patients’ medical issues. The funding from MOH and AIC also help manage the out-of-pocket (OOP) costs of these services for our patients.”

I am a doctor; how can I join your Primary Care Network?

We believe in working together to take care of our patients, to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients, and improve their health and lives.

Should you share our vision, we welcome you to join us.

Please provide your details to our clinical leader, Dr Jacqueline Yam, through our contact form here, and let’s have a conversation.

I am a patient – how will I benefit from your Primary Care Network?

All patients who follow up on their chronic conditions with our PCN clinics will automatically be part of the PCN system. You will receive health and medical services provided by a team of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, podiatrists, and nursing assistants. 

Some of the services that you can receive in our clinics include:

  • Nurse education services
  • Diabetic foot screening
  • Diabetic retinal photography (eye check)

Your progress and clinical outcomes will be tracked and monitored, to ensure that you follow through with your personalised care plans and treatment pathway. The overall aim is to help you better manage your chronic conditions and improve your health outcomes.

Our goal is to take care of one patient at a time, working towards a healthier and happier population.

With our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, coordinators and support team, we will work with you in managing your health with holistic services that will go a long way in managing your condition.

Overall, you will receive more convenient, more affordable, and more comprehensive care in our clinics. 

For any enquiries regarding the Assurance PCN programme, please contact us at:


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