Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW)

WOW is Health Promotion Board’s new funding initiative. This programme aims to promote health and wellness in the workplace where employees can live healthier, happier lives. 

Who is it for?

  • Locally-incorporated SMEs with UEN
    ≤ 200 workforce size or ≤$100 million annual sales turnover
  • Locally-incorporated non-SMEs* with a UEN
    ≥200 workforce size and ≥$100 million annual sales turnover
    *Funding by HPB capped at $7000 for 12 months.
  • Locally-incorporated non-profit/not-for-profit organisation/trade unions, chambers and/or associations

What does it cover?

Choices of the programme are as follows:-

  1. Chronic Disease Screening & Follow-up
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Nutrition Workshop
  4. Mental Wellbeing Workshop
  5. Ergonomics Workshop
  6. Weight Management Programme
  7. Chronic Disease Management Programme
  8. Smoking Cessation Programme

AcuMed provides health screening services, under Chronic Disease Screening & Follow-up category. This includes:-

  • Basic Health Screening
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Waist Circumference
    • Blood Pressure Measurement
    • Fasting Blood Glucose
    • Fasting Lipid Profile
  • One-to-one follow-up consultation session with our doctor
    • Personalized session based on health screening results
    • Health coaching to achieve behavior change and equip you with the necessary information to continue on your health journey

Health screenings can be conducted onsite in the comfort of your premises, or in any of our clinics.

How much is it?

The health screening services are free for eligible participants.

Contact us to find out more about this scheme, and how AcuMed can work with you to promote healthy living in your company.


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