One-stop Diagnostic Solution

Going to different locations for your medical examinations? With AcuMed, there is no need to travel to multiple places! Most of our clinics are equipped with in-house facilities such as X-ray, Audiometry, and Ultrasound to conduct all the tests you require in one visit.

X-Ray Services

doctor looking at xray

X-ray is a common type of medical imaging that produces images of the structures inside your body as X-ray beams penetrate through it. An X-ray can be used to examine different body parts such as the chest or pelvis for various diagnostic reasons such as assessment of possible infections or injury management.



Audiometry test being conducted

An Audiometry test is a hearing test that assesses your ability to hear sounds at different frequencies and intensities. It can be used to monitor a person’s hearing abilities over time. 
During the test, you will wear a headset and hear various sounds at different frequencies and intensities. A hearing test is painless and can be completed within 20 mins.


Ultrasound Services

ultrasound service

Ultrasound is an imaging modality that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body. These images can provide valuable information to guide screening, diagnoses and management of various diseases and conditions.



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