Acute & Chronic Care

Acute Care

Acute illnesses occur suddenly, and symptoms are immediate. Protect yourself by utilising AcuMed comprehensive range of primary care services, available at all our Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) islandwide.

Entrust your health with our team of fully qualified Family Physicians to provide quality healthcare to our patients of all ages.

Did you know that minor surgeries can be done at our clinics? Let us manage it for you and reduce the amount of time you spend on procedures like:

  • Removal of blood clots, warts, lumps, ingrown toenail
  • Wound dressing and stitching

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Chronic Care

Chronic illnesses are conditions that usually last one year or more, require long-term medical attention and limit Activities of Daily Living (ADL). While chronic conditions may not have a cure, these illnesses can be manageable. Our team of Family Physicians are here to guide you through this journey to better health and quality of life.

Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)

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Effective management of chronic medical requires regular monitoring, appropriate medical advice and treatment. The Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) now covers a total of 20 chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes or High Blood Pressure.

All our clinics are Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Accredited.
This allows Singaporean Citizens, Merdeka Generation and Pioneers to receive subsidies for medical care.

Through the CDMP and together with MediSave, out-of-pocket cash payments can be significantly reduced.

Find out more about CDMP here.

Assurance Primary Care Network (PCN)

AcuMed currently helms the “Assurance Primary Care Network”, which is part of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Primary Care Network (PCN) scheme. Being part of a PCN enables us to share resources and offer value-added services such as Diabetic Retinal PhotographyDiabetic Foot Screening and Nurse Counselling

The provision of Nurse Counselling services and the close tracking of patients on the Chronic Disease Registry, can effectively facilitate improved patient medical outcomes. Additional funding support from MOH also helps manage the out-of-pocket (OOP) costs of these services for our patients.

As such, AcuMed can better serve our patients in the seamless management of their long-term medical conditions.

Find out more about Assurance PCN here.

Ministry of Health (MOH)

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Agency of Integrated Care (AIC)

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