Work Pass, Pre-Employment, Fitness-for-Duty

Work Pass Application & Renewal

Enjoy a one-stop, hassle-free experience at selected AcuMed clinics with in-house X-Ray facilities.

These examinations include:

  • Work Permit Medical Examination (New/Renewal)
  • E Pass/S Pass (New/Renewal)
  • Foreign Domestic Worker Six-Monthly (FDW 6ME)

**Kindly bring along all relevant documents and identification.
**No appointment required for groups of 3 or less.



Pre-employment and re-engagement medical examinations help determine the job fit of an employee. In addition, employees with good health and safe work environments help improve companies’ productivity.

Pre-employment medical examination packages are fully customisable to the employer’s requirements. These requirements can vary according to the employee’s age, proposed industry or nature of work.

Common medical examination components include a Physical Examination, Chest X-Ray or specific blood test specific to your organisation’s requirement.


Fitness-for-Work/Duty Assessment

After recovering from a severe illness or significant injury, we must know whether it is safe to return to work. Proper recovery is essential for labour-intensive or high-risk industries like Construction and Marine Offshore.

Fitness-For-Work or Duty is a medical examination that assesses one’s ability to start or return to work.

Together with Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs), our Team can assist with assessments based on your health status and job requirements. Our Doctors can also provide recommendations on how to commence or return to work safely.


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