Hearing Conservation Programme (HCP)

A robust HCP helps companies manage noise hazard(s) present in the Workplace to prevent Noise- Induced Deafness (NID), which can be irreversible.

Components of the programme include:

  • Noise surveys to identify noisy areas or activities
  • Implementation of noise control measures wherever feasible
  • Putting up signages on hearing protector usage in noisy areas
  • Conducting statutory medical examinations for all workers exposed to excessive noise
  • Providing suitable hearing protectors to all exposed employees
  • Educating and training all employees on the importance of appropriate hearing protector usage, correct fit and proper maintenance

As specified in the Workplace Safety and Health (Noise) Regulations 2011, workers exposed to noise exceeding the permissible exposure limit and duration must undergo periodic audiometric examinations.

Our clinics are equipped to perform Audiometry assessments that are performed by accredited Audiometrists.

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