COVID-19 Support Services for Various Regulatory Requirements

With COVID-19 testing and Safe Management Measures (SMM) becoming part of our lives, we wish to support you in your business activities by ensuring that the healthcare needs of your clients and colleagues are met. 

Our network of clinics are part of the list of MOH-Approved COVID-19 Test Providers.

Here is our range of COVID-19 support services: –

COVID-19 Support Services:

1. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Antigen Rapid Testing (ART), and serology testing (IgG/IgM) to meet the requirements of various agencies including MOH, MPA and BCA.

2. Onsite Medical Posts (ad hoc, short, medium, and long term) to conduct COVID-19 testing, screenings and medical consultations.

3. Assistance and advisory services to secure potential funding from authorities under initiatives such as the HPB Self Swab Model (SSM).

4. Pre-Event Testing (PET) for event organisers and attendees.

5. Assistance and advisory services relating to licensing applications and location set up for onsite medical posts.

6. N95 Mask Fit Testing to identify the right model, style, and size N95 mask for each staff.

7. COVID-19 advisory services regarding safe-management measures and incorporation of good-practices to ensure safe-resumption of mass events/business activities.

8. Liaison with relevant government agencies to ensure compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements.

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